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Civil Action Requires Abundant Capital

Lack of capital can, unfortunately,  have severe ramifications for both the plaintiffs’ financial situation and legal outcomes. Defendants can, and do, leverage the cost and lengthiness of litigation as a tactic to force settlement amounts in their favor. When the financial resources needed to continue pursuing litigation are scarce, plaintiffs are often coerced to settle for less than justice would provide.

Litigation Financing.

Litigation Financing is a mechanism through which litigants can finance their legal costs through a third party funding company in order to support their financial obligations during a litigation or arbitration claim. These third party companies provide the capital for legal fees and related costs and expenses, in exchange for a preferential return of capital and a percentage share of the judgment or settlement.

This practice was born from the ruling in common law jurisdictions like Australia, United Kingdom and Canada whereby professional constraints based on perceived conflict of interest prevented a law firm from taking contingency fee based on the fees received upon a settlement. This practice also allows litigants who may not have distributed the costs of the legal process and form an agreement with a third party funder to provide financial support. It is reported that there are substantial numbers of viable claimants seeking what relatively little dedicated funding is available in these scenarios.

Criteria for Qualifying Transactions:

There is considerable due diligence performed and capital spent by the Company to ensure that the cases funded through Galactic meet the qualifying criteria including:

  1. The burden of liability is definitive.
  2. The damages can be quantified and are substantial enough to justify a market-conditions return.
  3. There is some indication that the Defendant is sensitive to the lawsuits allegations.

Confirmation of these three factors typically provide the Company with enough security to proceed with financing the litigation as these are the influencers that give a clear indication of the Defendant’s willingness to settle the lawsuit


Advantages of Galactic’s Funding

Galactic Funding is the premiere solution for all your litigation funding needs. Explore  why our clients choose and, without hesitation, return to us.

Until the case is won, our funding is non-recourse. This means that if the lawsuit fails, you owe us absolutely nothing. Plaintiffs’ are completely exempt from any costs including any adverse cost orders and disbursements.

Until the Case is Won. our funding is non-recourse. This means that if the lawsuit fails, you owe us absolutely nothing. Plaintiffs’ are completely exempt from any costs including any adverse cost orders and disbursements.

Reduces Uncertainty and Risks.

If the case is lost, our clients do not have to reimburse the counterparties for their legal expenses, even if local law mandates such procedures. Galactic will cover all reimbursement costs.

Relieves Concern of Countersuit.

Our funding does not not cease until you are are absolved from any countersuit. We provide Indemnification (Yes. We pay.) for any countersuits.

Legal Decisions Never Swayed by Financial Considerations.

Galactic has no influence over legal or settlement decisions. This eliminates any suspicion that a less favorable settlement will be accepted to limit Galactic expenses.

Prevents Extending the Case Unnecessarily.

Counterparties can prolong an action for an extended period. Often, they expect they can outspend the opponent. Eventually the lack of funds will gain them a favorable settlement . The awareness alone that there is more than ample funding available will deter such tactics.

Retain Complete Control.

The attorney-client privilege is always respected and preserved. This guarantees our clients and their attorneys complete authority over all legal matters.

Discourages excessive lawsuits.

Presenting a vigorous lawsuits with abundant funding is your strongest defense to other enterprises initiating speculative suits against you.


Maximizes Security of Sufficient Funds.

Galactic has various sources for funding. We have always supported our clients with our own capital and that of our partners.

Not Limited by Natural Boundaries.

Galactic operates in many jurisdictions. Therefore, our  International network of lawyers assures you the most experienced counsel with the specialties your case requires wherever you operate.

Advantages for Corporations

Advantages for Law Firms

Increases Cash Flow.

Capital is every corporation’s valued asset. Financing litigation eliminates the challenges of dwindling capital during litigation.

Eliminates Ramifications on Public Statements.

Litigation financing shifts the cost and risk of pursuing high-value litigation by avoiding its immediate impact on the corporate financial statements.

Removes Distractions from Corporate Executives.

A company’s CFO, CEO, COO and other principals are its most precious resources. They deserve the opportunity to focus on the company’s operations, undistracted by financial pressures of litigation.

Transforms a High- risk Expense into an Asset.

Law firms lack the capital to invest and absorb risk from clients. Litigation finance literally looks at a lawsuit as an investment. We allocate funds to those assets to preserve them and maximize their value.

Allows Attorneys to Focus on What Matters Most.

We eliminate any concern regarding sufficient funding. Lawyers can now concentrate on practicing law and expanding their practice.

Avoids Financial Tension.

High hourly rates are an extreme hardship for law clients. Litigation funding not only avoids pressure on lawyers to reduce their rates; it completely eliminates any strain that finances place on the lawyer/client partnership.

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