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Our Mission

Galactic was formed in 2015 with the primary purpose of creating a portfolio of dispute finance investments to be diversified by duration, claim type, financial support needed and potential awards.

Plaintiff Funding

Beginning a lawsuit is daunting.  We focus on what matters to you—listening to your needs, and understanding your unique situation.

Staggering legal costs could understandably prevent a plaintiff from pursuing valid cases. Paying lawyers on a current basis is often the only possible method to afford quality legal counsel.  Particularly where attorneys cannot or chose not to be on a contingency basis, our litigation funding allows plaintiffs the ability to hire the highest quality lawyers, with the experience and specialties their case demands.

At Galactic we appreciate the uniqueness of each client and case. Prior to any funding execution, we investigate each case to gain a thorough understating of its intricacies.  

We utilize our expanding network of lawyers and law firms across the world to secure the best cases and the most expert legal counsel. We collaborate with the hired law firm to arrange the ideal structure for the financing, based on the details of the case.

The client has absolutely no financial costs. Galactic does not recover its investment until a favorable judgment is granted.  Our clients can rest assured they carry absolutely no financial burden.

Corporate Litigation Funding

Corporations encounter an increasing dilemma when they require litigation. Too often, companies face challenges when seeking to pursue even the most meritorious claims. Due to the crushing legal costs and uncertain outcomes, they often avoid these cases.

Legal cases can be especially paralyzing when they extend over a lengthy period.  Not only can these expenses diminish the business’ profit, they also exhaust the company’s working capital, a most valued asset.

Yet, litigation can actually be transformed from a costly to a profitable endeavor. Litigation can be financed. Still, many corporations still pay legal costs out of pocket. Inevitably, when considerable legal costs are paid up front, there could be far-reaching adverse financial impact to the company. Operating profits are reduced. This undoubtedly impacts publicly reported earnings. This can be only the very beginning of a negative spiral of events, eventually leading to a company’s downfall.

Whether your company is a start-up, Fortune 500, or anything between, we look forward to working with you to ascertain the best ways to pay for litigation and release your precious capital for business expansion.

Estates, Trusts & Wills

Inevitably, complex layers of litigation can hinder claimants from accessing legal rights to portions of estates, trusts or wills they’ve deservingly been bequeathed.   Galactic Litigation developed its Estate Funding division to meet this urgent distress of high net-worth trusts & estates clients.

Paying ongoing attorneys’ bills is a tremendous hardship, prior to claimants receiving their distribution of valid claims in trust & estate disputes.  We recognize how this financial tension can  burden both the clients and their attorneys.  Furthermore, even if the client has complete access to  the estate, they may be lacking sufficient liquid assets. This is a serious predicament when the large payments are due prior to the liquidation of the assets.

By guaranteeing adequate funding to directly and promptly pay their attorneys’ monthly bills, it is feasible for our clients to persevere until they gain complete access to their entitled assets. The claimants have zero financial obligation until receiving a rightful distribution.

Law Firm Financing

Galactic empowers law frims to focus their complete energy on servicing their clients. We shoulder the burden of the requisite financing.  Now lawyers can concentrate solely on winning the most favorable judgment for their clients, without constraints of limited funds.

Clients often lack the funds to pay the high hourly rates billed by law firms. Firms are pressured to reduce their fees, or provide an alternative payment structure. We work with firms  to avoid the possibility of losing these clients or their case.

We do far more than providing capital for clients in need. We work with firms to expand their practice by taking on new cases they deem worthwhile. Our activities have gone to the extent of  organizing class action suits and its financing.

Lawyers seek to practice law, without being restricted by the financing of law. Galactic Litigation provides them the financial freedom to optimize their practice.

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