Searle vs. Royal Australian Navy

Over 300 Sailors joined the Royal Australian Navy as Marine Technician trainees with the understanding that they would receive adequate training, such that, after a four-year time period, they would be entitled to obtain the formal qualification of a Certificate IV in Engineering. Training contracts were entered into between the Marine Technician trainees and the Royal Australian Navy to confirm this understanding; however, the trainees were not provided with the required training.


Eric Emanuel, a substantial shareholder of Comodo, and the former Chairman and provider of capital to the company, was killed in a car accident. Shortly thereafter, Comodo confirmed in writing that Eric Emanuel was a shareholder. Subsequently, his name and shares were eliminated from the shareholder record. An action was commenced in the British Virgin Islands, the domicile of Comodo.

Maloney v. National Australia Bank

The Maloney family had a large mortgage (over AU$8 million) on their resort property in Daintree, Australia. After a decline in their business, NAB foreclosed on their property. The Maloney’s believed that the bank did not act properly. Settlement negotiations began soon after a lawsuit was threatened. The case settled in January 2018.


Twelve franchisees of FOGO are seeking compensation for an alleged breach of their franchise contract.

Mickalakas v. Angas Securities

Angas Securities Limited and its agents (the secured lenders) put borrowers into default and liquidated their collateral. The case involves claims by two companies (to which Korda Mentha were appointed as receivers by Angus Securities) based on alleged wrongful lender actions.


The lawsuit alleges that Aveo, the largest owner/operator of retirement villages in Australia, unfairly caused the resident owners, who had an entitlement to capital gain on disposal of their interests, to transfer that entitlement to Aveo, without Aveo paying them any consideration for the transfer of their right.


This class action was filed in federal court in Australia in January 2018 on behalf of 7-Eleven franchisees, alleging breach of franchise contract, misleading and deceptive conduct, overcharges, unconscionable conduct, and irresponsible lending.

YUM! Restaurants

We are funding this appeal to Australia’s High Court from an adverse judgement (before our involvement) on behalf of 190 of the 200 Pizza Hut franchisees against the franchisor of the Pizza Hut system in Australia.

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